Senior Living Artwork: 4 Reasons to Choose Fine Art Photography - Inspired Interior Art by Cindy Greenstein

Senior living artwork sets the scene and defines the mood of your facility. It can be a challenging prospect to find the right pieces, especially if your organization is managing a larger redesign or new build, but it’s worth your time and attention.

Senior living artwork can stimulate the mind. It can make the resident feel comfortable and at-home. It should blend with the interior design and decor, and contribute to an uplifting, relaxed environment. On your quest for the perfect senior living artwork, consider choosing fine art photography as the theme for your facility. Why? Here are the top four reasons this type of art is ideal for seniors:

1. It Can Spark Memories

Photography has the power to transport the viewer to another time and place. Pictures of real places, real people and familiar activities can help Alzheimer’s patients recall loved ones and dear memories.

2. It’s Clear for Failing Eyesight

As residents age, many do not have the same visual acuity they used to. Their condition can make it harder to discern impressionistic paintings and representations. Muted color palettes blend together and residents can’t enjoy the art’s contribution.

Photography with clear lines and strong colors gives residents clean, crisp images that they can easily recognize. It’s perfect for those with weaker eyesight, allowing them to quickly register the image and enjoy its effect.

3. You Can Tailor It to Your Residents’ Backgrounds

Where is your facility located? Do you have mostly local residents or are they transplants from another state? Hang artwork that resonates with their individual backgrounds. Photography from their hometown city can provide a familiar comfort. Images from their favorite vacation spot are equally uplifting. If you’re decorating a room for a specific individual long-term, photography provides the flexibility to make it unique and make it theirs.

4. Use Nature to Restore Their Environment

There is a plethora of research on the healing effects of nature art in care-based settings, from hospitals to senior living facilities. Your senior living artwork has the potential to reduce stress and limit the need for pain medication, facilitating healing and ongoing health, all by incorporating nature-themed artwork into your facility’s design.

Fine art photography beautifully portrays foliage, animals, beaches, mountains...the list is endless. Nature should have a place on your residents’ walls.

Inspired Interior Art and You

Whether you’re looking for a whole-facility makeover or you’d like to redecorate your parent’s single-room assisted living apartment, Cindy Greenstein and Inspired Interior Art can help. From colorful designs to beachside themes, cityscapes to portraits, we have images that will capture and enhance the atmosphere your residents need to thrive.

For fine art photography creation, installation and all the steps in between, trust Inspired Interior Art for senior living artwork that awakens the senses, excites memories and ignites renewed energy within all who view it. Contact us today for more information about Cindy Greenstein’s work and our art curation process.

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