Why Corporate Artwork Matters for Employees, Clients and Business Success - Inspired Interior Art by Cindy Greenstein

Fine art is more than just decor--it’s a mood enhancer. Who said that art and photography were strictly for galleries or spas? To appreciate artwork is to understand how it can strongly influence those around it, especially in the corporate world. Corporate artwork - art in the workplace - enables one to experience the motivation and serenity of a museum right in their office.

If you’re considering sprucing up the scenery in your office, fine art is a perfect choice. Fine art photography captures the beauty and essence of life, offering the same effect everywhere it hangs. Whether it’s a small pop of color or an entire wall canvas, corporate artwork is exactly what your company may be missing. The benefits of art alone offer enough reasons why corporate offices need fine art photography:

It Represents the Company’s Values

Have you ever walked into an office and immediately felt intrigued? The decoration, the style, and not to mention cleanliness all factored into the personality and professionalism of the company. The company not only valued the appearance of its work environment, but also its presentation, and clients admire that.

Artiq, a London-based art collection company, explained that an art collection can reflect a company’s history and demonstrate its character. With corporate artwork displayed throughout an entire establishment, the value of the company is evident.

It Creates a Stress-Free, Relaxing Work Environment

Studies have shown that color has the amazing ability to shift a person’s mood. Even the Business Committee for the Arts stated that 78 percent of employees agree that art helps reduce stress. Consider nature-based colors, such as lavender and aqua, that have been traditionally associated with calming and relaxing. Carefully curated corporate artwork that includes these colors creates an ideal stress-free atmosphere for your entire team.

It Shows Appreciation for Employee Experience

Catering to employee needs is vital for any type of company. Happy employees means productive employees, and productive employees lead to a successful business. Providing vacation time is great, but what about benefits that can be achieved while employees are in the office?

Aesthetics are important and can be the perfect way for companies to show they care how their employees feel while working there. Corporate artwork easily serves as the break from reality in a room full of cubicles and computers.

With Inspired Interior Art, companies receive full-service artwork installation from a professional artist, with interior design conception in mind. Cindy Greenstein, the artist and photographer behind Inspired Interior Art, helps businesses find the perfect corporate artwork needed for their work spaces. From shade matching, to capturing the unique message of the company, businesses that work with Cindy are sure to achieve their desired vision.

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