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Inspired Interior Art is the online showcase of the work of Cindy Greenstein, a contemporary visual artist and fine art photographer whos expertise is the ability to see ‘the beautiful’ in the everyday, creatively photograph it’s very essence, and create stunning art pieces. With 20 years of professional experience, Inspired Interior Art offers full-service contemporary fine art photography design, print and installation services. Cindy also works hand-in-hand with consultants and designers to transform blank walls into awe-inspiring spaces, with the ultimate goal of captivating your guests and enhancing their experience.

Finding the Extraordinary in the Ordinary

Every photograph is a sliver of time, expertly captured by the eye of an artist who delights in capturing the splendor in the simple. To Cindy, building her collection of fine art photography is second nature. The vibrant mesmerizing patterns on a butterfly’s wing. The gentle glitter of sunlight shining on a soft cushion of sand. The feathery, pillow-like waves of a fresh blossom. It might look ordinary from afar, but it becomes extraordinary when seen through Cindy’s ‘rose-color’ lens.

Create the Ideal Atmosphere

You envision a soothing, peaceful environment for your yoga studio. You want a stimulating, energetic vibe for a trendy new restaurant. You imagine larger-than-life beautiful ‘happy’ colorful flowers for an assisted living facility. In so many ways, the artwork you select defines the space. It breathes life. It reaches out and captures the viewer. The right art enables your wall space to open minds rather than just define the dimensions of a room. When you work with Inspired Interior Art from start to finish, Cindy conceives designs that transmit your unique message, whether that message is one of healing, empowerment, peace or innovation. At the beginning, there’s a blank wall. After encountering Inspired Interior Art’s transformative approach, there’s a living wall that actively contributes to its environment and leave a beautiful, lasting impression with your guests.

Your Full-Service Wall Art Company

Inspired Interior Art stands out in the contemporary wall art decor industry because of the unique, personalized approach Cindy brings to every project. From conceptualization to realization, Cindy walks with clients through every aspect of designing their wall space, unique to their vision, finding exactly the right pieces for the space, and customizes the original art to match their colors perfectly. Start by commissioning Inspired Interior Art to design your wall space, or select individual pieces or complete collections from Cindy’s wide-reaching body of work. Visualize the final result with an on-site assessment and presentation, where you will see YOUR actual rooms with artwork hanging exactly as it will be. Trust Inspired Interior Art to handle canvas creation, curation, and installation. Full-service artwork installation from a seasoned professional helps you stay relaxed and confident throughout the project.

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