Secrets to Finding the Right Hotel Artwork - Inspired Interior Art by Cindy Greenstein

Hotel artwork can do more than fill empty wall space. Thoughtfully selected and strategically placed hotel artwork can create an unforgettable experience for every guest. With the steep competition in the hospitality industry, success stories aren’t defined by whether the guest left satisfied. It’s about whether they’ll come back.

These secrets for sourcing hotel artwork can help both established and developing brands find the ideal art pieces to enhance each guest’s visit.

Know Your Hotel’s Identity

Where is your hotel located? Who is the typical guest? What amenities does your hotel offer? What makes you stand out amongst other nearby hotels?

A beachside, vacation hotel’s artwork will be much different than an urban, business hotel’s theme. While one may favor colorful nature photography, the other may want local black and white shots of the surrounding city. Make sure your artwork expresses the reasons why your guest ultimately chose and should continue to choose your hotel over a competitor.

Put Yourself in Your Guest’s Shoes

When your guest steps inside your doors, all they know of you is what they’ve seen from afar. While a website gives a preview of what they will find when they arrive, nothing compares to the first impression they receive when they check in.

From the moment your guests enter your hotel, powerful art can begin weaving a narrative, the story of your hotel and its place in the community. Think about how your wall space currently speaks to your guests and the message you want them to receive. What’s missing? Let the answer to this question guide your art selection process.

Look for a Feature Piece

One of the best ways to create a permanent impression in your guests’ minds is to invest in a large-scale feature piece. Whether hung in the lobby or above the dining area, give your guests a reason to talk about the hotel artwork. It’s always a positive to create an art-centered space that’s the focus of conversation among your guests.

Be Detailed and Precise

Besides selecting the right art pieces, many other factors contribute to a successful hotel artwork installation. Framing, lighting, placement and the installation methods all add to the art’s essence and its flawless integration with the rest of the hotel’s interior design. The tiniest detail can add or take away from the final look.

Choosing the right hotel artwork will distinguish your brand from its competitors and convey the creative originality your guests will remember. As an experienced artist and photographer, Cindy Greenstein comprehensively manages hotel artwork installations from start to finish. Contact Inspired Interior Art today for more information on Cindy’s work and how she can help you make a statement with your hotel artwork.

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