Services - Inspired Interior Art by Cindy Greenstein

Professional fine art photographer and artist Cindy Greenstein captures the essence of a moment, transforming it into wonderful collections of wall art for both residential and commercial interior design.

Inspired Interior Art is a full-service art and design company, offering contemporary fine art photography design, print, and installation services. Clients are encouraged to take a digital tour of Cindy’s online showcase and explore her diverse themes of photography, ranging from nature and color to location and scenery. Clients are also able to view Cindy’s portfolio and envision how her wall art pieces accentuate the interior decor of their homes, businesses and spaces.


After delegating Inspired Interior Art to design your wall space, you’ll start by selecting an individual piece or complete collection from the online showcase.

Next, Cindy will meet with you one-on-one for an on-site assessment. Here, she’ll discuss your ideas, develop a deep understanding of your vision, including your brand and clientele if applicable, and create digital mock-ups of the actual area to help conceptualize the desired final look. Then, Cindy helps you conceive different ideas that transmit your unique message, adding suggestions of primary and secondary colors, shading, and canvas size that complement the area’s current design and decor.


Photos are custom-made, sized, and colorized to match your space and emphasize your brand. If you do not see the exact color or desired work of art needed from the online gallery, Cindy will create it for you. With extensive training in color theory, Cindy has in-depth knowledge on how to correlate shades with existing interior design selections and how color choice appeals to viewers.

After your color choice, shade, and size are agreed upon, Interior Inspired Art uses specialized printing technology to instantly alter color shades and match tones based on the selected artwork. Using the finest printing materials and processes, Inspired Interior Arts will produce both small and large-scale canvases with a slight iridescent finish that visually brings the image to life. From conceptualization to curation, Cindy will effectively communicate with you through every aspect of the project.


After printing, canvases are preserved and carefully handled during delivery to the site location. Last, Cindy will visit you on-site for guidance on wall placement and angle specifications of the canvas.

From blank wall to final look, you’re able to experience Inspired Interior Art’s transformative approach, having new wall art that actively contributes to its environment and leaves a beautiful, lasting impression on your guests.

Inspired Interior Art works with clients from a range of industries, including, but not limited to: retail spaces, commercial spaces, studios, hotels, cruise ships, hospitals, medical facilities, resorts, spas, residences, colleges and universities, and senior living facilities. Cindy also welcomes partnerships with interior designers and art consultants. For more information or to schedule a consultation, visit our contact page.

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